XML Conversion

XML Conversion

To date, XML, in the publishing industry, is widely considered as an input to convert into a compatible format of the latest technologies such as Tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. With years of experience, we at Intellzi assist our clients to select the most complementary technology to meet their expectations in managing XML digitization L workflows. Our technical personnel are highly experienced in working with an array of standard applications that include InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX, FrameMaker, and QuarkXPress, thereby assimilating these within the XML-based production processes.

We also employ a gamut of DTDs and schemas for various document types as required. Our DTD (Document Type Definition) and schema development specialists provide customized solutions for both print and electronic publishing. Based on scrutinizing your project requirements for developing, upgrading, and documenting DTD or schema, we craft well-structured, proficient and most preferred end-products.


Our team is highly proficient in XML, DTD, and schema to analyze and also obtain DTDs manually. We also have the capacity to create our own DTDs. Intellziā€™s experts have developed their own in-house tool for the conversion processes of XML, DTD, schema, and is capable of also handling any kind of math-oriented books with MathML.

Whether you need to generate thesis, product manuals, journals, technical documentation, web pages, e-books, or any other information products, then our XML-based content management and publishing systems will be an asset for you, which reflect our expertise and competence in containing costs and generating profits for your business.