Digital eLearning Services

Digital eLearning Services

Content Localization

Each geographical location has its specific needs for its business, the content localization services from Intellzi helps you to redesign or freshly create content that helps you to satisfy the needs of the targeted audience.

The services offered by Intellzi assist its customers to customize their content as per their geographical location. Content localization is best suited for those countries which have language, cultural, and other business operating barriers. Immaterial of the content whether it be scientific, legal, mercantile, or any other localization services, the content localization services at Intellzi helps you to control your content by being single minded in its treatment, which is finally reaches its output with impeccable quality.

All forms of language and cultural difficulties can be surmounted with the content localization services offered by Intellzi. The following are the services offered by Intellzi:

  • Localization of content for websites
  • eLearning content to be localized as per the geographical location
  • Providing subtitles
  • Localization of content for multimedia.