Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services

Graphic Design and Artwork services

The visual medium can express more than a well-written document. People who view content are more impressed and captivated by a striking graphics and equally inspiring audio. The requirement of quality design and artwork services has become a necessity in all sectors.

The graphic and artwork services at Intellzi are always there to help you for quality graphic reproduction or graphic design services. The graphic design services of Intellzi produce a reputable content for the visual media. The ability to create four-color artwork based on photographs, graphics or books are an important forte of the team at Intellzi.

The reach of the visual media is clearly understood by Intellzi. We are always on the lookout to improvize on the reader’s visual experience by providing authentic services in

  • Creative illustrations
  • Medical illustrations
  • Situational and cartoon art
  • Image creation, assembling and manipulation
  • Children’s art
  • Image redrawing, relabelling and masking
  • Technical drawings
  • Disk processing
  • Art touch up
  • Cover design
  • Colour correction
  • Resolution improvement
  • 2D Character Design & Animation
  • Flash Presentations
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Children Book Illustrations
  • Medical Illustrations
  • 3D Modelling & Design
  • Character Design & Animation
  • 3D Medical Illustrations

Multimedia Production at Intellzi

It has always been a very challenging experience for trainers and instructors to zero in on the correct multimedia resources for designing their training materials. Improved usage of the images, diagrams, animations, video, and audio always enhances the eLearning content.

Creation of lucrative eLearning material is one of the major assets of Intellzi. These can be suitable for eLearning methodologies like online (Web/LMS) and offline (CD/DVD) supporting important values that allow content interoperability, metadata tagging, and data tracking.

Here are some of the features of our eLearning multimedia assets:

  • Instant loading because it is of high quality.
  • Graphics and animations that are convincing.
  • The look and feel are made to look artistic, interactive and appealing.
  • Amenable with established standards of eLearning standards